Toast, and Buyers Advocacy

I do like toast. Everybody likes toast, I think. The best thing about toast is that it comes in so many different varieties, and yet is one of the easiest things to get your hands on that isn’t junk food. Choose your bread, choose your topping, and off you go. Toast, all for you, ready in minutes.

I wish building a house was more like making toast. Building a house takes SO much time, much more than your average toaster cycle. And then when you’ve built the home, you have to fill it with stuff, make sure the taps produce water, and the wiring gives you electricity…and for all this stress, you pay quite a bit. This is why I keep saying we need to look up one of those property agents. You know the ones in Melbourne. Property advocates I believe is their official title. Everything should, in this life, be around the same level of difficulty as making toast. For you see, toast has a hidden level of difficulty that many do not realise. See, you tend to eat toast at two times: once at breakfast, and any other time when you need food fast. That means that, while you’re thinking that it should be easy, it actually SEEMS a lot harder because you’re hungry and thus everything becomes a lot more cumbersome.

Building a home is similar. We’re told that it’s supposed to be this dream, and I suppose it will be eventually (a lot like biting into a delicious piece of toast), but it just seems like SO much work. Fireplaces to pick out, wallpaper to browse, and all the while I’m constantly wondering if it’s worth it. This is what I get for building close to the centre of Melbourne. Buyers advocates would’ve been so much easier; they could’ve FOUND us a place of our own.

Oh well. Guess I’ll just go and make some…waffles.