I Know I Should Take More Time Off

My friend just tagged me in an online post of a robot trying to put a box on a shelf. And yeah, it was supposed to be funny. The thing just can’t do it, and it eventually just sort of shoulder-tackles the shelf and everything collapses. Everyone in the comments was all like ‘ha, and people say AI is going to take over the planet!’. They have a point, but still, bipedal robots are just creepy. If that thing came at me , even if it was super clumsy, I wouldn’t be laughing.

I don’t like the idea of giving all the responsibility over the robots. Maybe I just work too hard…and it’s true. The boss is always telling me to go home so he can go home. Last year, for my birthday, my friends secretly arranged with my work for me to take time off, and we all went to Lorne, where beach apartments were waiting for us. And look, I’m not a soulless statue. I DID enjoy myself. Still, I did catch myself thinking about work, and how things were going, and if I was needed. And if you’re on the beach playing cricket and those thoughts keep invading your brain, you need to rewire yourself.

So then I’m thinking about a robot taking my job, which I guess could happen. They could take almost everyone’s jobs, until the only jobs left are actors and novelists, and maybe TV presenters. The economy still works just fine because the jobs are being done, so we basically just get an allowance from the government (are they robots as well?) and we get to do whatever we like. Everyone’s just booking luxury accommodation in Lorne, but…all the time. There’s no more work to be done. We just relax on the beach, pursue pet projects and visit friends A lot of coffee is drunk. Maybe we’ll all go to conference centres in Victoria where we learn to cope with our newfound freedom.

I couldn’t do it. Work is just too important to me. So…I guess I’ll find a new career as an novelist?