Hologram Communication is Coming

One day, we will all communicate using holograms. And it will be absolutely terrible.

See, right now we have video calling, which most people hate. In fact, we’ve gone *backwards* when it comes to communication, because people never used to have instant messaging or any of that silliness. It was calling them up on the telephone, or you just didn’t talk to them at all. Or maybe you’d throw up some smoke signals. But then one day soon we’ll all be chatting with holographic projectors so you can see the entire person, and it’ll be horrible because you can’t even just smooth your hair and hold the phone on your face. No…you’ll have to dress up, for every conversation. Ugh.

Just imagine how much power we’ll be using.  At least the commercial energy monitoring sector of Melbourne will be doing well, because instead of charging our phones every night or whatever, we’ll all have complicated holo-projectors everywhere and they’ll require loads of power. Maybe there’s going to be a new industry for Fitness Conversations, where people climb onto exercise bikes and have holographic conversations while they cycle to generate the power. At least then people will get fit, and you don’t necessarily have to be super fit to get into it. Still, if you don’t feel up to fitness shenanigans, then you’re up the creek. Or you’ll have to wrangle someone else to cycle for you.

See, this is why we need to be researching more efficient industrial solar, right now. Funding for green energy has been cut by the current government in a move to save money. If you ask me it’s an investment in the future. 

I’m happy to throw all my money at the problem, get solar panels, do whatever…so long as I don’t have to cycle just to ask my wife if she can pick up some frozen peas. Imagine appearing as a hologram in the middle of the supermarket. It’ll be so awkward.