What We Do

Sydney’s northern suburbs have long been a hotspot for unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Reports of sightings and a variety of contact experiences in the region have been in circulation since 1985; however, awareness in the greater community remains low. With that in mind, North Sydney Forum offers an assembly point for individuals and groups affected by encounters with UAPs in the area.  

Our aim is to provide a platform for discussion, analysis and collaborative research, as well as peer support and distribution of information that is not readily available through other avenues. In doing this, we have developed two key working groups:

    • Outreach – working to raise awareness of the frequency and content of UAP experiences in northern Sydney 
    • Advocacy – liaising with influential figures in the greater community to lobby for public recognition of the area’s continuing history of UAP experiences

To these ends, we also organise a quarterly in-person forum and day of informative presentations, often from international guests. This event enables people affected by UAP experiences, as well as those interested in learning more about them, to network and establish connections to similarly minded people in the local and global communities. 

Forum participants come from all walks of life – youth, retirees, professionals, public figures, business leaders and families are all represented. If you have a genuine interest in contributing and respectfully hearing from others, you’re welcome to participate.

You will be required to fill out a questionnaire about your personal interest in our subject matter before being admitted. This is simply to ensure that participants in our project share a commitment to truth and transparency regarding their involvement.

Update: Nov 18

We are currently on hiatus until further notice due to personal circumstances within our organising committee. Please check back for further updates.


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