Work Stress? Not Right Now

I’m okay with work stress. We just had a seminar- pretty considerate for where I work, let me tell you- where a motivational speaker taught us to recognise the seven signs of stress. Not sure I needed it, but at the same time, I was in the room with people who were getting stressed at the thought of remembering all seven signs. And then the concept of forgetting even one of them set some folks on edge. I guess it was helpful for them.

I just think I’ve always been naturally chilled. Mum had a few mental health issues after my brother was born (and if you met my brother, you’d understand). She went on a sort of…’family-sponsored’ holiday to Mornington. I think she might’ve been hooked up with a Mornington professional psychiatrist, just to make sure she was working through everything. But still, I don’t know if I’d count that as mental health being in the family. Pregnancy can bring all sorts of strange problems, both physical and otherwise.

See, with how much I work and the stress I’m under, you’d think I’d be a wreck by now, and they’d be shipping ME off for some psychiatric treatment. Or at least I’d want to lie on a sofa and talk about my problems. But…I’m not, and I don’t.  I just take things as they come, I suppose. I don’t mean it as an insult to people who go and see psychologists or anything. Some people are just born to cope with the many and varied stresses of life, and some people need a bit of help.

And here’s me with sixteen reports due, meetings all of tomorrow and a conference call after work with Lawrence Corp. They always go for ages, so I’m not getting anything done in the evening…

Case in point. Maybe I feel fine, but actually, I need a visit to a well-known Mornington psychologist where I can iron out my trials and tribulations in therapy. Who knows? I’m not the professional.