Update Office Now

I just tripped over that cable for the third time today. I can see that someone has done their darnedest to gaffer tape it to the floor, but it’s still positioned in a way that’s far from ideal. It’s virtually impossible to avoid getting caught on the thing. It’s not really anyone’s fault: the only power point that cord can reach is nestled smugly in an awkward nook. Everyone agrees that the positioning doesn’t make any sense.

Truth be told, this office contains a number of features of this nature, most of them related to how technology is used in the space. My take is that the layout of power points and such was devised before anyone suspected that offices would be as technology-driven as they are today. Whether or not that’s the case, it doesn’t work and it needs to be fixed.

Seemingly, the stylistic palette was adopted before anyone suspected that salmon pink and asparagus green tiles might go out of fashion, but that’s another story. Or is it? Now that I’m thinking about it, it makes sense to cover all bases if you’re going to splash out on a new office fitout. Melbourne office frequenters, what do you think? Are aesthetics as important as functionality when it comes to office overhauls, or can the former be sacrificed?

More to the point, I want to know if a balance of the two is a reasonable thing to expect from an office interior design concept. Melbourne is a city that thrives on good design, right? With that in mind, surely it’s not too much to ask. Honestly, if you saw these tiles you’d start to understand why rethinking them is just as important as finding a new layout for the placement of power points.

It’s not like I’m in any position to instigate an office overhaul. But I could bring it up with management, given that I know the extent to which the current situation bothers everyone. Surely, management must be aware of it as well, but I’ve never heard it mentioned.