Thwarted Again

Great! Another weekend at the hot springs thwarted by Jim’s ineptitude. I’ve reminded him repeatedly that his car’s due for a service (like it’s my responsibility), and even made a booking for him to get it done, and now I find out that he cancelled it so that he could go and buy cable ties. That’s all well and good, but I put off a number of other things to make room for this trip to the hot springs, and now the designated transport’s not working.

Granted, I’m not a driver myself, which is why I’m relying on Jim’s car to get us there. I should know by now not to rely on him for anything! But we’ve been friends for nearly ten years, so what can you do? I suppose it’s time to organise a car breakdown repair. Mornington will have to wait until another day… never mind that the springs book out two weeks in advance, not to mention the B and Bs.

To be honest, I don’t think Jim is that invested in this trip to Mornington. Car servicing costs and inconveniences aside, I think that’s the real reason he didn’t make sure everything was good to go beforehand. But then why not just say that? I’d rather have a weekend away with a mate who’s keen than one who’s only going because he has nothing better to do.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m projecting a bit. I do kind of wonder if Jim is actually just as forgetful has he appears to be, and that failing to have the car serviced was a genuine oversight. It’s hard for me to see how it could be, given the noises that were coming out of it, but everyone’s different.

I wish that Jim would just acknowledge that I’ve arranged my fortnight around this trip, and it’s a real bummer for it to be for nothing. I would have paid the mechanics bill, even. Maybe if Jim had known that he’d have gone ahead with it. Maybe we could both stand to be better communicators. I’m still peeved at him, though.