Those who live in glass houses…

Working from home presents a never-ending string of spatial puzzles to be solved. It’s an ongoing process of figuring out how to maintain separate areas for separate parts of life. This is hard when these spaces are, at the end of the day, physically adjoining. I’m looking into doing an office decor overhaul, and I’m taking it as an opportunity to improve the logistical flow of the space.

I receive clients in my home office on a regular basis, so it needs to look legit. I’m having one small problem with this. The space I’ve allocated for work is a stand-alone structure that faces the back of the house, which is essentially a wall of transparent glass. This means that anyone situated in the office can see directly into my kitchen, which I don’t feel is the best look (especially in light of my tendency to forget to do the dishes). I’ve been reluctant to do anything about it because I really love the big glass panels.

Someone has just put me onto the idea of getting window frosting. Companies in Melbourne, apparently, can do this, and it could be a way of making my huge windows less openly transparent while still letting in the sun from above eye level. It’s meant to look similar to sandblasting or etching onto glass, but is done with some kind of film – which means I wouldn’t need to get all my glass replaced.

I’m also keen to investigate the possibilities for adding some decorative window designs. In Melbourne, anything is possible when it comes to customisation. I reckon there’s someone out there who can set me up with a faux stained glass situation – maybe on some kind of high-tech film material?

It would be cool if there was a way of combine the window frosting with a stained glass aesthetic. I’m a marriage celebrant, in case you were wondering, and I believe something like this would contribute to setting up a mood that’s matched to what I do. At the same time, I’d be making my living quarters more private while creating a sense of spatial continuity between them and the office. Dreamy!