Saving Power for the Ultimate Holiday

If I’m going to save up for that holiday, I need to think seriously about saving. Not just saving as in ‘oh, I might buy rump steak instead of t-bone’. No, I’m talking real, concerted efforts to cut down on the dollars.

Tiger Claw has said that his last tour of Melbourne was his last, which of course left me silently devastated. My favourite A-pop artist, never coming back to Melbourne? But he IS doing a special tour in the Philippines, so guess that’s where I’m going for my next holiday? That is, if I can save up. First thing I’m striking off the list is air con, because it guzzles so much power. At work they just started a policy of commercial energy monitoring to properly ascertain how much power is used, and where. It gives you all the exact statistics, and now I’m wondering if I can maybe swipe a bit of that action for my home. If they even DO it for homes…I’ll have to look into it. But it would help me see what’s wasting the most energy, and where to cut down. I’m happy to go through the winter without heating. I can bundle, or…just work overtime. That way I’ll be earning and saving at the same time. And then we get to the issue of solar power, which I’m seriously considering. They say it takes a little while to see earnings from it, but I can’t be worrying about silly little things like the linear progression of time. I have Asian pop music concerts to attend, and much moshing to do. there’s got to be somewhere in Melbourne that does industrial solar of a greater efficiency than most. And then, I’ll be harvesting the energy of the sun all year, saving thousands! If I factor that into my calculations, then I should have enough money for a nice holiday by November or so, just in time for the concert. ┬áIt’d also be pretty useful if I developed night vision, lessening my need for lights. I’ll look into research developments on the issue.