My very own aluminium toolbox

I am so excited! The first tradesmen arrived today to start on the backyard renovations. Since the last lot of renovations we got done, the tradies have really become more professional. They pulled up in their purring utes laden with aluminium toolboxes and I know that means business. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be married to a tradesman than a dentist. There are early starts, but early finishes too so there would be plenty of family time. With Patrick opening his new practice soon, I think he will be even busier than he is now. I really do admire the energy he puts into his work, but I am hoping that he will begin to be more present at home. I have been saying affirmations on this matter for years, but no results yet. Perhaps it is time to be more proactive and ask for more devotion at home. I need to continue working on setting boundaries for my own well being.

It is just so difficult to determine what is the most effective combination of positive thinking and taking action. Lately I have been more focused on being proactive, but I wonder if I have swung too far in that direction. Perhaps a balanced approach is best. I would usually talk to my spiritual advisor about such matters, but she is all booked out for the week. Besides, it would be better if I stayed home to keep watch on the guys working on the backyard. I tried chatting to one of the tradesmen about my dilemma, but he seemed to be more interested in adjusting his ute’s gas bottle holders than discussing the balance between positive thinking and being proactive. While he was no great conversationalist, I did get some inspiration from him. Tradesmen have a wealth of tools in their armoury for all manner of situations. They cannot use the same wrench for every single job. Likewise, I cannot use the same method of positive thinking for every situation but sometimes it is exactly what I need.