My Multicultural Palace

One of the major benefits of travelling, aside from the perma-holiday that it is at its core, is coming home with a global knowledge of architecture and building. I decided to build my own house, a lofty goal I know. I bought a cheap plot of land just outside of Melbourne and drew up the plans for my globally inspired dream house complete with a large swimming pool reminiscent of the old bathing pools in Italy. Unfortunately modern building regulations often dampen my dream of sprawling spiral staircases and open aired extensive swimming pools. It looks like I’ll spend my week perusing swimming pool fences, Melbourne apparently has some great options for ways to spruce up pool security and safety. The majority of my friends wanted me to go with glass pool fencing but I wanted to avoid the modern look. The company I was speaking to were fantastic and had an amazing range of pool fencing options so I could really fit it to the look I was going for.

The mosaic tiles on the pool floor would make the entire area look rather delicate and quaint so I felt massive slabs of frameless glass surrounding them would be a little too contradictory for the overall image. I settled on semi frameless pool fencing, Melbourne city isn’t too far from where I am based currently so I was able to co-ordinate everything first hand. The company sent out a pool fencing expert who conducted a free site inspection to come up with a quote. I wish all my building problems were this easily solved. Once the pool fencing goes in I have to go see a man about some fireproof walls. When I told the girls about my decision to go with semi frameless pool fencing they found it hilarious and bought me a pair of semi frameless glasses in an attempt to mock my construction choices.