Ditching a Razor for a Laser

I’m constantly late. I can’t seem to keep track of time, I need to plan in advance to get anywhere that requires an early morning or long distance travelling, and I absolutely hate having to let people down. For me, time management is a huge challenge and anything I can do to carve a few minutes off my schedule is warmly welcomed- which is why I LOVE laser hair removal. Melbourne is welcoming warmer weather; I’ve committed to swim squad completely, and that means more hours in the pool, and the squad I joined last year expects the best from me. Which means early mornings in the water and great average times.

I knew that when i joined, I’d need to shave my legs every swim day. Smooth skin helps you glide through the water, but my fuzz grows at a crazy rate and the problem is, I always forget to de-fuzz, even when I’m not running too late. For someone who doesn’t have the time and needs to be faster, you can see my predicament.

For a wiry-haired pale person like me, pain free laser hair removal was the answer to my prayers. I have a friend doesn’t swim, but like me has pale skin and dark leg hairs. She had a few treatments and amazingly, her leg hair is down to almost nothing. She showed me herself, there were only a couple of stray hairs hanging around, and she hadn’t shaved for over a week. So naturally, I booked, because shaving every day is just not going to suit my lifestyle.

My treatments have been a lifesaver! I am loving the freedom that laser hair removal has meant for me- no crazy razoring away before training and even better, great times in the water without having to constantly think about maintaining them. I’m completely sold.