Christmas At the Play Centre!

Indoor play centres are great, but there’s one thing that would just make them better: Christmas celebrations.

I’m talking an entire centre that can be hired out for a massive Christmas party, either for kids or…maybe for adults, I don’t know. I saw an idea for it recently, some guy saying we needed to reclaim our childhood. Not sure how I feel about that, and also not too sure of what would happen if our entire office went to a huge play centre for our annual Christmas party. I can see half of us really getting into it. Beats ice skating. Why do we keep going ice skating?

Uh, anyway…I like the idea of a Christmas thing, for the kids. I’ve been looking around Jandakot for a highly rated kids party venue, and I’ve isolated several possibilities. Well, a few…it’s not a massive place. Honestly, I don’t think Jandakot does Christmas very well. We don’t have any fireworks, or Christmas markets. I know it’s sunny in this hemisphere, but come ON. You have to try just a little bit. That’s why I think we need to make children’s Christmas parties a big deal. Kids are the ones who retain that sense of Christmas fun, you know? They get excited, in the way that we all wish we could get excited. They keep the magic alive. I’d love yearly Christmas parties to be a big deal, with the play centres being decorated , someone dressing up as Santa, music, adults invited to maybe eat mince pies and mulled wine/juice while the festivities are going on.

Honestly, I think it could work. The kids could transfer all that joy over to us joyless adults. I just need to find a birthday party venue. The best in Jandakot! Actually, we’ll need a few…got to fit everyone in. And then, it’ll be just like Charles Dickens, and how he saved Christmas. Or was that the Brunch? Who saved Christmas again…?