Add Picking a Home to the List

So the girlfriend dragged me along to this carnival, which I have to say is pretty boring. The most interesting thing that happened- and I use the term pretty lightly- was when I went to see a fortune teller. Or…’fortune teller’. It was pretty theatrical, or whatever, so it wasn’t totally boring. Still, the most specific she could get was that ‘something is coming in your future! Something BIG!’

Well, yeah. We’re moving house soon, which we for some reason chose to do before the wedding. Not my idea. I mean, we’ve got one of Melbourne’s best property advocates helping us out with the search, but it’s still one extra thing to think about. Even if you get a buyers agent it’s not, like…nothing. I’m just waiting for the girlfriend to come to me one day and say ‘by the way I’m pregnant, or whatever’, and it’ll be the perfect storm. But that’s…unlikely. SO unlikely. I’m just not going to think about that. I already have like sixteen house options to go through, either because these people are too good at their jobs or because we didn’t give them enough search parameters. Well, I didn’t…she had a lot more to say that I did. I just don’t want our commute to be a nightmare, I want some space to have a family (if we decide to go that route, or whatever), a garden would be nice (although I’m fine with an apartment and…good. Just a good house. I’m not huge on DIY, so a functional place would be nice. Whereas the girlfriend had a list of demands that sounded way too long at the time. Looking at the list of places that we’ve got, I really don’t think it was. It’s our first time with a property advocate. Melbourne just has too many appropriate places for sale, I guess, so that’s one more list of stuff to go through and whittle down. Uh, why did we go to the carnival again? There’s way too much to do.