TV back in the Day

What is the problem with kids these days and their constant watching of television? Yes, I’m aware I just said ‘kids these days’, which does make me seem very old, but sometimes it’s necessary. If i can use another stereotypical phrase, back in my day people spend time playing outside. Sure, we had TV and it was fascinating for a while, but it never fully became a part of our lives.

The internet was a distant dream, and we spent a lot of time being active. People criticise us for having unhealthy lifestyles, and now that everything is kale and quinoa seeds, maybe they have something of a point. That doesn’t change the fact that as kids, we were much more active than those nowadays.

At this point, I’m surprised there are so many TV antennas installed in Melbourne. You’d think with the coming of the internet, they all would’ve been taken down as people get their entertainment fix from web streaming services.

In the last few years there has been a surge in providers of streaming platforms. Now people can watch their favourite programs anywhere. This only means that people are spending even less time away from their screens!

As much as I dislike people just staying in and watching movies instead of being active, I do appreciate the culture of television. After all, I’d be quite sad if my soaps moved online. There’s one, and it’s quite terrible called ‘Week of Our Life’ that I’m halfway addicted. It’s the reason we had the antenna repair person in last week, as TV barely had a signal. In the program Francis just discovered that her husband has filed for divorce because she has an androgynous name. She cooks up a scheme to bake him a pie with his favourite endangered animal inside, then it all goes wrong because…well, I missed that part on account of the bad signal. I’m not sure if the Melbourne based digital antenna repair lady was a fan of the program, but she was very professional while I complained about missing it because of the broken antenna.