A Case for Taking the Cake

My sister recently started dating a guy who’s a pastry chef. Why is this remarkable? Well, because her dates and boyfriends have consistently – almost invariably – been property lawyers. Melbourne has its fair share of assorted men to choose from, so why this extreme trend of attraction to people from just one profession?

I’ve never understood it, even in light of the fact that my sister is, herself, a property developer. Some of our friends seem to think this serves as an adequate explanation for the whole deal. Is there something I’m missing here? Like the allure of discussing the finer points of medium density multi-unit developments? Or the hypnotic mood created by the registration of subdivision plans? Maybe there’s a feeling, unfathomable to the rest of us, that can only be captured through a shared awareness of Section 173 agreements.

It might also be something to do with sis’s need to finance her ever-growing personal collection of properties. She hardly needs a partner to help her out there. But I guess it would make sense if only someone in a property-related field could really get their head around why she needs apartments in three different countries.

Our brother used to work for a commercial law firm. Melbourne life ended up taking its toll on him – it was too quiet, apparently, and he buzzed off to London to work in international law. He ended up dating a guy who was a professor in international economics at a very prestigious university. Even our parents are similarly inclined high fliers within the same professional field. Dad’s a pilot and mum’s an aircraft engineer.

Really, I don’t know what it is about this family – it all seems a bit overblown to me. I’m kind of secretly hoping that this pastry chef will introduce her to some new ways of looking at things – and maybe provide me, his girlfriend’s sister, with fancy cakes. I’m pretty sure he has to, by law.