Gosh, Now it’s Underwater Welding

It is I, Georgina Glass.

As if I wasn’t already busy enough, I’ve now been contacted by the Melbourne stainless steel fabrication industry. Imagine that! They sent me a message saying that they saw a design for an underwater welding pod that I’d drawn about ten years ago for a school project. The teacher just told us to take something used in the industrial sector and make our own version of it; I think it was in metal tech? Anyway, everyone else was making weird-shaped cement mixers and whatever else- I think my friend took a wrecking ball and made it a gigantic cube- but I wanted to go a little bit further. I took an interest in welding, because it’s a fascinating industry when you really get down to the nitty-gritty of things. Underwater welding, for real? That stuff is crazy. So I did a bit of a mock-up for an underwater welding chamber, a bit of a different design to how they usually do things. And I’m not saying that I want to upend the industry or how they do things, but apparently there’s a stainless steel welding conference and and they’d like to get me to speak. That is, on a design I did in school ten years ago. I don’t think I’m the keynote speaker or anything, but wow, the fact that they want me to talk at ALL is seriously surreal. I don’t know too much at the moment, but they said that my design was really interesting, and there’s always a section on designs for the future. It’s only one night…at the moment. Hopefully this won’t interfere with my plans to meet up with the BF’s family, my cosmetics job, my course on energy usage…wow, I’m really spreading the whole thing a bit thin. Still, I can brush up on marine fabrication in Melbourne, see how they do things. And maybe they’ll give me a design job! Always wondered what that would be like…