On-Brand Office

It would seem that I’ve been charged with ‘finalising the stylistic features’ our new office space. What does that even mean? Like, there’s just not a lot that can be done. This operation has always had an extremely minimalist vibe, so I’m not sure what stylistic features can I add that aren’t already part of the basic fitout. Apparently, though, we need to ‘brand’ the space, and I’m responsible for that.

Well, there’s the new logo that Helena was on a bout in the meeting – maybe I can do something to feature that. A mural? No, that’s not in keeping with our thing at all. Engraved door knobs? I’m not sure where I’d even begin to get hold of such a thing. I guess there’s always that sort of decorative commercial glass. Melbourne folks, what’s that stuff called? Is it frosted glass, or is that another thing again?

Basically, I’m picturing the new logo frosted onto the glass partitions that are already installed in the space. That means we wouldn’t be replacing the glass, just adding a decorative element to it… I have an inkling that there’s some kind of adhesive film that can do that job, but I’m not sure what it’s called or how to order it.

While I’m at it, I might as well look into what the go is with window tinting for offices. Melbourne gets surprisingly intense on the sun front over summer, and it would be good to be able to block out some of those harsh UV rays. I wonder if there’s a way of doing it that doesn’t make the space too dark, though. I reckon there would have to be in this day and age.


Short of installing a few indoor plants, ideally ones that don’t demand too much in the way of sunlight, I can’t think of too much else. At the end of the day, this space is all about functionality and clean lines – maybe that’s the essence of our ‘brand’. I can work with that.

People who work in glass offices…

I’ve been running around like a headless chook today. First there was that issue with the servers, then the electricity blew out just before the big presentation. While I was tending to all that, Mavis in accounts somehow sent her swivel chair flying into one of the glass partitions and put a big crack in the thing. When did this place descend into such chaos?

I’ve delegated the task of sorting out commercial glazing services to Rick, my assistant; it’s high time he became a bit less clueless about that sort of thing. Also, aside from not having a spare moment for it, I feel it’s not my responsibility seeing as I was against having the glass partitions installed in the first place (with people like Mavis around, it just seems like a massive liability).

That sandblasted glass stair balustrade at the front entrance could do with being looked at, now that I think about it. The logo is completely out of step with the rebrand, and nobody seems to have noticed. I reckon it could be tweaked somehow, but I don’t know if that’s the done thing or if we’d need to have the glass panel replaced with a new one.

I could go on. The mirror in the women’s bathroom is long overdue to be replaced – it was a good six months ago that we all started noticing that weird texture developing on it. I’m sure it can’t be the best for morale. But we share that bathroom with the lawyer’s office next door, so it’s something we’d have to discuss with them, I suppose.

Why am I even thinking about this? It’s not my responsibility. I guess it’s because I don’t trust Rick to think of combining the glazier call-out re the partition with having the balustrade situation assessed. I feel like I’m the only one here that thinks to do things efficiently. But I suppose the only way for him to learn is to leave him to it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

It’s one of those days! You know the ones – the kind where a client’s labrador puppy barrels into your studio and knocks a speaker right into your floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Okay, so that specific scenario might not be the most relatable, but I’m sure you understand what I mean. And to think it was only a few months ago that I had that new mirror glass installed.

Well, the show must go on – we have a concert to rehearse for here! There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of shattered glass so it should be all good for the kids to use the floor, although I’m a little bit unsure about how safe it is to have a vertical mirror with a huge crack in it. It’d definitely be best to get it fixed as soon as possible. I need a recommendation for someone who can do glass repair and replacement in Melbourne, fast. Any suggestions?

In all honesty, even though this is the last thing I need at the moment, I’m secretly a bit relieved to have something to worry about other than run sheets and whether we have enough child-sized purple bowler hats. The task of recruiting a glazier is a welcome alternative. So much so that I’m almost tempted to chuck in the concert and focus on jazzing up the studio instead – now that I look around, I can see that there are quite a few jobs I’ve been putting off.

For example, we could do with a new glass stair balustrade. In Melbourne, we feel more pressure to be mindful of how we look from the street; back when we first set up in Geelong, we gave virtually no thought to things like whether we should have our logo etched or sandblasted into a balustrade.

Anyway, first things first: get that mirror situation fixed. If the glazier is good, maybe I’ll keep them in mind to do some more work after the concert is out of the way. The Easter break might be a good time to have the glass on the stairs replaced.