Honeymoon Delays Over Dry Needling

At times my lovely wife-to-be just gets things completely wrong. She always means well, but her command of the world at times lacks logic. The results are largely hilarious and insignificant but every once in awhile she just gets things very wrong and there is a mess to clean up.

In the lead up to our wedding we’ve been doing a lot of planning and for the most part working together. However, I left the honeymoon completely up to her as she was particularly keen to surprise me. I made sure to show her my full schedule and work appointments but of course she booked us flights on the day I was due to begin my dry needling courses in Auckland. Apart from it being my only prior commitment in the months after the wedding, I had also alerted her to the dates numerous times and highlighted it on the calendar.

Apparently this was not enough notice. After calling the airline and explaining, and really hammering the surprise honeymoon aspect, she was able to change the flights. Airlines are suckers for loved-up honeymooners in a pickle. We were able to rearrange our flights at no extra cost to accommodate my dry needling course. I still do not know the destination, although my wife has assured I don’t require any specialist equipment. If there was a way I could change to a later dry needling course then I would have done so. Unfortunately it’s been booked out for months as it’s very popular among physiotherapists.

Last time we went away she told me on the plane that we were off skiing but she hadn’t packed any thermals or ski wear for me. It was a cold week. At least with the knowledge that I’ll have completed my dry needling training I know I’ll be able to relax and enjoy whatever it is she has planned. I might just pack some spare accessories just in case we end up rock climbing, skydiving or camping. You never know.