Wallpaper to brightening up the place

It has come to my attention that my room is boring. I’m not sure why I’ve let this go on for so long, but I’m citing business. Hey, I have my hands full  lot of the time. But all my walls are white and bare and it’s finally getting to me. I’m a teenager; I feel the need to cover them in pictures of cars and motorbikes and rock bands with obscenely large amounts of colour.

They need SOMETHING. I could just do it myself, but…well, that’d be too much effort. Time for some digital wallpaper with bold graphics, all easy to apply in case I change my mind. Really, anything except stark white will do just fine.

If you knew me, you’d know how important a bit of colour can be. Really, the crazier the better…which is why I need to go with garish. Not just garish…stupendously garish. Dragons, unicorns with swords instead of horns, lightning bolts, warships, magical dancing skeletons, even more dragons, medieval knights. Pretty much anything that will cause an ordinary person to walk into my room and be frozen for at least a minute. That’s when I strike.

This may take more thought than I…thought. In any case, it’s high time I actually did something with the place. I do actually live here, and that’s not changing any time soon. As for whether I’m allowed to go hammering nails into everything. that’s a bit trickier. I’m sure they probably wouldn’t mind. And it’s not like I’m sharing a room anymore, so I don’t have to think about what suits him. In fact, that comes with a number of perks, the likes of which could fill an entire article.

Could I even go so far as custom designer wallpaper? Hey, this is my place. I’ll have to ask, because it’ll feel like I’m decorating someone else’s house, but…it could be an option.

In any case, these white walls have to go. I’ll get posters if I have to. That’s how desperate I am.