My First Apartment: Sold!

About five months ago, I realised the property I’d first bought all those years earlier was well worth selling.There was no reason not to let go, really, life had changed dramatically for me in the last five years, having since been married and buying our place in the inner north of  Melbourne, my little flat was costing me quite a bit in rates and repairs. It was old and it had kept me happy for quite a while, but it was definitely time to let it go.

It’s a great area, the apartment is lovely, based in Windsor and the complex is surrounded by trees. There was plenty for the agent to use in terms of advertising a great apartment, so I felt like it would be an easy enough process. That was until I reminded myself about the further details about how to manage the auction, and what else needed to be done to secure the sale,  the really technical stuff that requires loads of attention, like property conveyancing. Melbourne is one of those cities where you can get distracted easily.

I’d forgotten about how stressed I’d felt when I initially purchased the place. I had been venting to a friend and she was quick to recommend a conveyancer. Melbourne residents tend to talk when the talk is good, and my friend’s advice was exactly what I needed to hear.

I got into contact with the same conveyancer in Melbourne my friend told me about, and instantly I could tell that she was the professional support I needed.  was actually amazing- and I knew that once the really stressy part was over and the flat was sold,  I’d be able to relax during the property transfer process. She had loads of experience in property conveyancing and made me feel completely at ease. On the day of the auction, I knew apartments selling in the area hadn’t reached the seller’s expectations I was bursting at the seams when my dear old flat sold for 10k over the reserve, sold to a first time home buyer, a nurse, who reminded me quite a lot of myself.