Zoom to the animal hospital

Peanut butter! We definitely need more of it. Zoom came back from the hike today totally caked in mud, so that was pretty much the only way we could get him to stay still. Just paste a bit of peanut butter on the wall and he just wags his tail and licks it off while you can scrub the mud out of his fur with impunity. And if you ever saw him when you don’t have peanut butter to placate him, he’s a different dog. You’d think he was possessed by the vengeful ghost of an interpretive dancer, the way he thrashes around.

But peanut butter is our salvation. Got that neat little trick off someone on Visage-Tome, and it’s saved our lives. Of course, the greatest challenge was the vet. Just mention the vet and Zoom’s ears go back. You can say ‘old army vet’ and he starts to freak out. Every time we go near our animal hospital in Moorabin, he gets a suspicious look, as if we could veer into that road at any moment.

I know pets being apprehensive about the vet is common, but I don’t really understand this one. We’ve only ever taken him there for really basic stuff, like health check-ups and one to see why his de-worming tablet wasn’t working. Turned out that he’d been hiding them behind his tongue and spitting them out…somehow…but it’s not like he’s ever been traumatised. The staff there are great.

It must just be the smell, and the weirdness of it all for a dog who doesn’t know what’s up. But then you stick a plate with a bit of peanut butter in front of him, and Zoom is practically hypnotized. All else falls away, and he suddenly doesn’t mind being at the vet. Which is good, because I’m pretty sure the emergency vets in the Bayside area can now see him coming and have the peanut butter ready. I just dread the day when we have to take him to the vet and they say he has to lose weight. Is there…low-fat dog peanut butter available, by any chance…?