Driveway Delight

My sister, Tina, has finally decided to invest in a driveway. Hallelujah! I’m not sure what it was that pushed through this decision, but it’s been a long time coming. For the past seven years that she’s lived in Melbourne, I’ve had to circle her block for half an hour in search of a parking spot for the van every time I come over from Adelaide to visit her. At last, I’ll now be able to pull up in her driveway, and not be hassled to move along on day two by the angry bloke over the road.

Tina has never been a driver, so I can understand why she’s never seen a driveway as a worthy investment. Regardless, when she called me the other day to ask me my opinion on polished concrete versus exposed aggregate, she sounded oddly enthused about the whole notion. I told her I’d help her look into driveway design and build services in the north of Melbourne. No, I didn’t mention my hidden agenda to try and get some kind of outdoor charging station into the bargain, but obviously that’s what I intend to do. Me, excessively excited about this? Never.

Aesthetically speaking, I do think the way to go is with the exposed aggregate. Driveway design in Melbourne’s north (this being the garden-proud place that it is) must take into account how it sits with the look of the space as a whole. That’s my two cents, anyway. Tina has a beautifully rambling array of native plants happening in her front garden, and the aggregate will look a bit more organic amongst all that. I don’t want her caving to my driveway demands to be at the expense of her frankly fantastic gardening efforts.

She’s told me that she’s down with having the driveway custom designed, anyway. Now then… I wonder how long it’ll take to persuade her to build a covered carport for her beloved sister who so generously takes the time to visit from interstate. One thing at a time, I suppose.