Part Time Party Planning

My dad told me it would be good for me to get a job. I’ve never had a job and to be honest don’t really see the point but he thinks I should develop my work ethic, whatever that is. He said I should try and think of an innovative way to earn money. I told him I didn’t really need to earn money because I have enough but he said if I didn’t at least try and get a job he would stop giving me money. Anyway I figured I’d give it a go because I do really like money so getting more wouldn’t be a bad thing. My friend Allie used to get paid to take her neighbours kids to the ice skating rink on weekends. It turned out that the Dad was having an affair and just wanted the kids out the house but whatever, money is money. I figured if Allie can get paid to look after kids I could do the same.

I checked out gumtree and found a woman who wanted help planning her kids birthday party. I’m really good at parties, I go to them all the time and people always love inviting me to them so I figured this was kind of the perfect job for me. I mean how different can kids party venues be from adult party venues. I wrote to the woman and told her how much I know about parties and how my dad told me to get a job. She replied pretty quickly and said she wants to meet me to talk through some ideas. My first client! I told her that I bill by the hour and my going rate is $150. She hasn’t replied yet but fingers crossed! I told dad the whole story and he was super proud of me so he told me not to worry about the job, he would pay me the same wage and I could take his credit card on my shopping spree! Sometimes a little effort is all it takes!

Heating The Office Masses

Coming into summer all you can think about is staying cool, and coming into winter all you can think about is getting warm again. Trying to convince yourself to get out of bed when it’s freezing  cold is no easy task. The temptation for ‘5 more minutes’ is strongest when your bare feet hit the icy tiles and you just want to wrap yourself back up in the blankets.

It’s an endless cycle that just reinforces how much of a slave the human race is to the change of the seasons. I don’t want our business to be like that; I want my team dominate all the seasons. I need something that can help us during the dead of winter to stay warm in our building.

It’s time we got the heaters fixed. It’s something that management has been avoiding because of the costs involved. I know I’ve been saying this for a long time, but the ACT buildings that we have in our nation’s capital are not that warm on their own. They need help, and so far, the help has been lacking. I know that we had ducted heating at some point, but it broke more than two years ago. We need to fix it again, and I’m calling on Teddy and management to speak to some local and trusted experts for ducted heating in Canberra. Hopefully, with their help we can begin to warm up this place and start to see a happier and more productive workforce in the dead of winter. Normally, due to the cold, everyone sort of hibernates on the job and little gets done. with my plan, we can get back up to spring-level productivity.

I spoke to the crew from the company that does ducted heating repairs, Canberra has been one of their busiest locations as the mercury drops to its lowest levels of the year. I’m most surprised that there were no budget cuts in order to pay for the new heating system. You hear horror stories of being railroaded into unintentional decisions, and I’m glad it’s didn’t go down like that.