Air Conditioning, Great for Parties

It’s true: you don’t see many birthday clowns nowadays. We’re a dying breed, clinging to something once great and trying to keep it alive. It’s a digital world where kids have changed.

Of course, that’s not to say we haven’t changed around them. I know a couple of birthday clowns who still do things the old way, showing up at a party with their full clown makeup and just hoping that the kids will appreciate it. I don’t think it’s going well for them, to be honest.

I used to be like that, but honestly, that’s not something you can pull off in Brisbane. Air conditioning can save your life, but if the party doesn’t have it or- heaven forbid- you have to entertain OUTSIDE, you’re in for a very rough time. That was my very first party, and it was awful. I was called up at the last minute and had to scramble to put on all the makeup. There’s a lot of it, if you want to go full clown. I then had to show up in my ramshackle clown car that barely clears road regulations and certainly doesn’t have any air conditioning, only to be told that while all the adults sat in the air-conditioned lounge, I would be going out into the garden. There was no shade in the garden. Sixteen kids, all waiting to be entertained in the 36-degree heat.

By the first fifteen minutes I was melting in my clown suit, and I wanted to just crawl into the freezer for a bit of relief. The paint was running down my face, the children were frightened…it was awful.

Now I’m a neo-clown, I only work inside. There are plenty of ways to keep kids entertained with multimedia and technology, and all benefitting from some of Brisbane’s greatest air conditioning services. I mean, I guess we’re not really ‘clowns’ any more…but…we’re keeping the name.