Air Conditioning, and…Other Stuff

People die when they are killed, and things explode when they are set on fire.

Video games have taught me many things, but what they CAN’T teach is the taste of cinnamon crunch. Also, air conditioning. All my mates think you can play some game and get really good at air conditioning repair, Canberra¬†residents¬†need some sterner stuff. Used to know a guy who went to fix the air con in Parliament House. He didn’t do it right, because he was running his own business and thought that because he was his own boss, he could do whatever he wanted. Show up late, take four hours to do one little thing…boom. They weren’t happy. And you know what they did next? They got rid of him…permanently…

No, they didn’t. But his business flopped and I’m pretty sure he now lives with his Mum, selling water coolers. Water coolers are fine, but it’s not air con repair. When you fix someone’s air conditioning, you get the look. That look of gratitude. That look that says ‘me and my family, if I have a family, will now survive the summer because of what you have done’. I kind of imagine that’s what it feels like to be a bodyguard jumping in front of a bullet, or like a medieval knight who gallantly rides in on a horse and saves his lord from an ambush of scoundrels. Doesn’t happen every day. Or, like, THAT doesn’t happen every day, but if you do air conditioning services and repairs, then it could happen for you, every day. Constant reinforcement that you’re in the right job, doing good, sowing good things wherever you go, even if that’s Parliament House. They’re making big decisions there. They need Canberra’s finest air conditioning to help them along. Personally, I’d hate the idea of trying to make laws that influence our nation whilst having the sweat rolling down my back. Gross. I can see why people love the air con repair guys so much.